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Axis of Hope™ Prayer Wheels explore themes of hope and renewal. Each wheel tells a story through images inscribed or carved into clay. As the wheel turns on its pedestal, the images flow, the story unfolds... Axis of Hope™ vessels can be filled with your written prayers, dreams, and hopes.

The following Axis of Hope™ Prayer Wheels are currently available for purchase.  You can see the name, dimensions, and price of each piece listed to the left of the gallery of images. If you have any questions or would like larger pictures, please feel free to contact Chris directly. 

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You have captured the sandhill cranes exactly as I’ve seen them and encapsulated the experience into a magic, eternal moment in time. It is a complete joy
— Audrey & Jim

Peace in Many Languages

12" x 6"



Dreaming of Abundant Orca in the Salish Sea

29" x 12"



Tale of the Bar-tailed Godwit  

The amazing Bar-tailed Godwit makes the longest-known, non-stop flight (~6000 miles) of any bird. It does not even land to eat—a record among all of Earth’s migrating animals.

18" x 9"




17" x 9"



All that was broken


forgotten its brokeness

(Gratitude to Mary Oliver)

28" x 10"



Dance of Diversity

15" x 10"




If there is Magic on this Planet It Must be Contained in Water

19" x 9"



Deep Water Companions

8" x 10"



Salmon Return

17" x 9"



Seeing Under the Surface

18" x 9"



Song of the Forest

(Pacific Wren)

15" x 10"




The Wishes We Wish to Come True

14" x 8.5" (turntable diameter, the vessel itself is 6" in diameter)



Earth Circle Dance

21" x 9"



Circle Dance

12" x 9"



At Home Within a Great Migration

15" x 10"



Swallow's Joy

15" x 9.5"



All the Earth, All the Air

 Sandhill-Crane-Eye view  

of the ‘Ring of Fire’--

Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens & Mt. Adams

14" x 9"



River of Abundance Prayer Wheel

Four Kermode Spirit Bears catching salmon on a river in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Made of porcelain fired in a soda kiln.

26" x 12"



Two Nations, One Salish Sea

30" x 12"



Reflecting the Universe

12" x 8.5"


(This item has been sold but orders for similar

prayer wheels are welcome.) 


“To the spirited and curious otter, 

life is a series of

playful explorations.”

--Jacques Costeau

24" x 10"



Loon Dance

18" x 8.5"



Marsh Song

(Soda & wood fired stoneware)

10" x 9"



Here Where the World is Being Made

26" x 12"



The Eternal Rider

20" x 8.5"



Song of Spring

20" x 8.5"



Earth Circle Dance

32" x 11"